Mission & Vision

What is our mission:

  • We want to treat MS in such a way, that adults and children with this disease can live their lives without any MS-inflicted restrictions.
  • We want to unravel the cause of MS, enabling us to prevent and cure this disease.

What is our vision:

  • Provide good clinical patient care to children and adults with MS and other inflammatory disease of the central nervous system.
  • Learn from the overlap between MS and other inflammatory disease of the central nervous system
  • Operate in the frontline of medical care and technological developments in scientific research.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders inside and outside the Erasmus MC
  • Train new generations of physicians and researchers
  • Take responsibility in the societal debate regarding MS.

Team MS center ErasMS

Please meet the team of MS center ErasMS.

Patient care

People living in the Netherlands with a diagnosed or suspected neuro-inflammatory disease (including MS, NMO-SD and MOGAD) can be referred by a Dutch medical specialist for a first or second opinion, or by their general practitioner when they are living  in the greater Rotterdam area. International consultations are regularly performed, and can be organized via the International Patient Center The Netherlands.


We perform translational scientific research on MS and other neuro-inflammatory diseases. We prospectively follow cohorts of patients with paediatric demyelinating disease, multiple sclerosis, NMO-SD/ MOGAD, and other neuro-inflammatory diseases.  We are interested in the biological determinants of disease outcomes, with a special focus on genetic variants, environmental factors, composition and function of the immune system, and aging. Please find a selection of recent publications under [publicaties].

Do you wish to make a kind donation to support our scientific research? Please use the red ‘ Donatie voor onderzoek’ button on the top-right corner of our website.

Training and education

We contribute to the Erasmus MC bachelor/ master program and to graduate as well as post-doctoral courses.

We welcome talented young clinical and laboratory investigators to apply for clinical and/or laboratory internship or PhD/ post-doc positions. We do not have a structural funding programme to enable these kind of internships, but can assist in exploring possibilities. Applications for clinical and research internships should be directed to mscentrum@erasmusmc.nl.


For patients under current treatment at MS center ErasMS

For acute life-threatening disease, the national alarm number 1-1-2 should be contacted. Unless instructed otherwise by your treating physician, urgent but not acute complaints should be directed first to your general practitioner. This professional can decide whether your complaint is likely related to your neurological disease, and decide whether you should be referred to your neurologist for further analysis and treatment.

Requests for prolongation of medication prescribed by your ErasMS healthcare provider can be directed to msrecepten@eramsusmc.nl.

Patient who are currently under treatment at ErasMS can contact for care-related non-urgent questions:

For inquiries regarding participation in scientific research, you can contact msonderzoek@erasmusmc.nl.

For professionals

For consultation regarding patients with (the suspicion of) MS, NMO-SD or another neuro-inflammatory disease, medical healthcare professionals can contact:

  • neurology secretariat, Ms. J. Habermehl, at +31(0)10-7040704
  • outpatient clinic at +31(0)10-7040130 or neurologie@erasmusmc.nl.